Laundry washing powder ROL PRO OXY-Action

With its enhanced cleaning formula with TAED and enzymes, the ROL PRO OXY-Action, ensures deep cleaning of all fibers even at low temperatures. Trust ROL PRO OXY-Action and the power of oxygen for a “hygienically clean” and “dazzling white” wash every time.

Size: 9kg – 150 washes



  • Highly efficient in removing tough stains.
  • Highly efficient whitening and bleaching action.
  • Increases the lifespan of fabrics by removing yellow or grey stains in fibers.
  • Aromatic scent that elevates freshness.
  • Cold water effective
  • Easy use and easy dosing

Hand Washing Powder ROL PRO “Exeptional Cleaning Action”

Thanks to its dynamic and completely balanced formula, ROL PRO whitens and cleans clothes in depth by making stains disappear, without causing wear out to the clothes’ fibers.

Size: 10kg bag


  • Rich formula with active ingredients for outstanding results
  • Excellent efficacy in a wide range of stains
  • Exceptional protein-based stain removal
  • Lasting aroma of freshness
  • Very effectively for general purpose cleaning

Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid ROL PRO

ROL PRO is a concentrated liquid detergent for dishes and cooking utensils with vinegar and lemon.

Sizes:  Grape Vinegar 4lt, Lemon Vinegar 4lt



  • Innovative formula
  • Concentrated, for even greater savings
  • Cuts through dried off grease
  • Easy to wash off
  • Leaves your dishes sparkling clean
  • Eliminates all odors

Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid Refill ROL PRO

Sizes: Grape Vinegar 4lt, Lemon Vinegar 4lt


  • Innovative packaging
  • Easy to use
  • Economical
  • Less plastic is fantastic: this particular pouch uses 65% less plastic per ml of product, compared to a conventional 4lt container
  • Waste reduction, eco-friendly